Professorial Chairs

Our program of awarding chairs has excited our faculty to redouble efforts in doing research on top of their teaching roles.
In accordance with UP rules and guidelines, the chair awardees are chosen after a rigorous evaluation process, based
on papers that they produced in the previous academic year. A professorial chair is supported either by an endowment
fund (where only the interest earned is used for the annual awards), or by a 6-year commitment to provide annual donations.
The UP Board of Regents requires that a professorial chair must award at least P120,000. Thus, a donor has the following

  • A P 120,000 Chair, which requires a P3.5 million endowment, or an annual donation for the award amount
  • A P 180,000 Chair, with a P5.3 Million endowment, or an annual donation
  • A P 240,000 Chair, with a P7.0 million endowment, or an annual donation

Faculty Grants

These are provided to faculty members handling courses that require new teaching innovations, or to faculty who are pursuing
specific research projects. A full-scale faculty grant calls for P120,000 to P200,000 a year; and a Teaching and Research
Grant for P60,000/year. An Innovation Grant is also available to faculty who mentor specific technopreneurship projects
enrolled in UPSCALE. Expenses for professors to present their research papers in international conferences also require
funding beyond what UP can provide. Donations to the Faculty Development Fund, which started with a P1.8 Million donation
from the UP Alumni Engineers, will be of great help.