Commissioned Research Projects

Companies/individuals engage UPCOE for faculty-led teams to carry out in-depth research projects to solve specific problems. The collaboration of the UPCOE/UPNEC Teams working with the technical staff of the company to carry out defined parts of the study in their own laboratories is encouraged, as these arrangements have the important collateral effect of skills exchange between and resulting increased capabilities of both academe and industry. UPERDFI also supports research projects with national impact and significance, like the ongoing Philippine Energy System Modelling Project. Donations to the Technology Development and Strategic Studies Fund are being solicited.

Industry Forum

UPERDFI runs the Monthly TECHNOLOGY HOUR, a short meeting between industry/government and faculty/student teams. Problems are explained to interested faculty, and faculty projects that need industry assistance are taken up. From there, research projects are identified by the faculty for funding from industry/government.

Engineered Covid-19 Solutions

With the coronavirus pandemic that broke out in March 2020,, UPERDFI has raised funds to support the quick-response projects of UPCOE faculty and students. Fourteen projects are being undertaken, and eight of them have sought UPERDFI assistance. These involve 3D Printing of Face Shields, Contact Tracing Apps, UV Light Disinfecting Cabinets, Chemical Disinfecting Solutions, Adult Ventilator, etc These are being used/tested in appropriate centers like hospitals and LGUs.