Study Grants and Thesis Support Grants

Even with UP implementing the Free Tuition Law, less-resourced students are still facing rising costs of living and studying.
These options are open:

  • Study grants for P60,000/year, providing P5,000/month stipend plus P5,000/semester for books and miscellaneous expenses.
    Some existing donors have increased the support to P6,500/month, or P75,000/yr.
  • Thesis support grants of P10,000/project for graduating students. The outcomes-based learning policy of the College
    requires students to build prototypes of their designed devices and products, or to conduct extensive fieldwork,
    which entail extra costs. (It used to be designs on paper!)

Currently, we have just over 200 slots available, supported by individuals and corporations, by DOST, and by the UP Oblation
Scholarships. Our target is to help the 800+ UPCOE students belonging to UP’s the tuition-discounted brackets.

Student Research Projects and Competitions

The depth and breadth of research and design projects that our UPCOE students undertake are impressive. Aside from industry-ready
projects for local applications, student teams have won awards in international competitions like Shell Eco-Marathon
and the Ring of Fire Competition. Students also get their research papers accepted for presentation in international
congresses. Donations to the Dean’s College Fighting Fund pool help our qualified teams in footing the registration fees,
airfares and hotel costs.

tudent Internships and Faculty Exposure Programs

As part of its curriculum revision into a 4-year course, UPCOE is moving towards making internships a requirement. The program
is conducted during the June-July mid-year break. Also, faculty members being exposed to industry operations enhance
their instructional skills, like the 8-week Plant Design Training offered by Fluor Engineering. The Associate Dean for
Institutional Linkages administers this Industry and Government Linkage with Academe Program (IGLAP), with 120+ active
companies now hosting 500 student interns.

Student Awards

Recognition for academic excellence and outstanding all-around performance provide much needed encouragement and motivation
to our students. The few that we have now provide P10,000 to P20,000 cash awards to the best and the brightest graduates.
You can sponsor an award in the Department or Institute that you choose.

Student Loans

To further increase the options for students who need financial assistance, the UP Alumni Engineers has set up the Study
Now Pay Later Plan (SNPL). UPAE has enlisted UPERDFI in administering loans amounting to P60,000/year. For sustainability,
repayment is due when the loanee can afford to repay on a scheduled installment plan. Donations to the UPAE SNPL Loan
Fund will increase the loanee count beyond the present 24 students.

Sponsored Courses

The University recognizes the importance of industry experts handling a course of their specialization. For example, Nokia
Manila Technology Center co-conducts a Networks Engineering Course with the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute
and with the Department of Computer Science. LaFarge-Holcim offers a Sustainable Construction course with the Institute
of Civil Engineering. You can identify your specific subject matter, and co-develop a course with the appropriate Department
or Institute.

In-house Degree Courses

Professors conduct the coursework at UP or at the host company’s site, with the basic course curriculum required by the College,
and the electives tailor-fitted to the company’s requirements. Based on the needs of the host company, these courses
comprise multiple disciplines – Chemical, Energy, Electronics, Materials, even Physics and Chemistry. A critical mass
of at least 10 bonafide UP masters’ degree students is required.