Dear UP Engineering Community,

During this time of crisis, we are informing you what your UP Engineering community is doing for the betterment of humanity. At the same time, we appeal for your support in making the various activities implementable expeditiously and sustainable.

  1. We are ensuring provisions for engineering students who are actually locked-down in UP Diliman thru the assistance of the University Food Service.
  2. The UP COE faculty, as one, already decided the doable engineering projects that may immediately redound for the benefit of Filipinos (see brief description below as cited in the UPCOE Bulletin).

They are as follows, with the immediate funds necessary to test also stated:

  1. 3D printing solutions for our frontliners – frames production for face shields, PhP 200,000
  2. Prototype adult ventilator, PhP 500,000
  3. Tracking high risks individuals, PhP 300,000
  4. Disinfection and decontamination through plasma cleaning, PhP 70,000/month
  5. Disinfection of PPE via UV light, PhP 600,000

The total budget for them is a TOTAL PhP 1,570,000.

We appeal for your assistance. But admittedly, we cannot promise you anything now except our commitment to ensure that they will be prudently used.

If you are comfortable entrusting your donation to UPERDFI for the benefit of UP COE, you may deposit it thru our bank account:

Account Name – UP Engineering Research and Development Foundation, Inc. Bank and Account Number – BPI Loyola Katipunan, C/A 3081-0292-44

For the purpose of transparency, any amount pledged and remitted will be acknowledged through this e-mail tracking. Please send us a copy of your deposit slips. If you do not wish to be identified, you may give your own identification code, like “Anonymous 256”, which will be reflected in our tracking.

Audit and accounting report of these collections and disbursements will be done after the crisis.

God save and bless the Filipino people.

Engr. Rico Trinidad
UPERDFI President

[UPD-CoE Community Bulletin] March 23, 2020

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