Right after the June 10 GMM, the new Board met for its first regular meeting, and elected the leadership team: 

Alex Sy – re-elected as Chairman; Ferdz de la Cruz – President; Dante Briones – Vice President; Ega Atanacio – re-elected as Treasurer; Chicho Mantaring – Corporate Secretary. Tito Aliga and Edith Atienza accepted their re-appointment as Executive Director and Comptroller, respectively.

The following were named to lead the standing committees: Wash Roqueza retained for Audit and Governance; Ega Atanacio retained for Finance; Chicho Mantaring for Innovation; Dante Briones for Membership; and Ferdz de la Cruz for Resource Generation. They are currently recruiting members to join their respective committees. Members are encouraged to volunteer joining a committee by emailing ED Tito Aliga.

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