Some attendees pictured here! From top-left: Alex Sy, EA Norika, Tito Aliga, Tony Herrera, Ferdz de la Cruz, Ronnie Nolasco, Mon Segismundo, Ega Atanacio, Myrna de la Paz, Chato Calderon, Val Reyes, Bing del Rosario, Carl Odulio, Sec Boy de la Peña, Usec Gev Guevara, Leo de Ocampo, Dante Briones, Vic Villagracia, Michael Gonzalez, Rene Bello, Michael Gonzalez, Bong Minguez, and Lilit Tumbocon


In a first, and the new way of doing things, we had our 2020 GMM in a Zoom format on June 10! We had 34 members, including three from the US, joining the discussion. We share with you the highlights of the meeting.


Welcome for 16 new members

UPERDFI welcomed 11 new members from the Philippines and 5 colleagues from the US, namely:

  1. Bernardo “Bernie” Abis, IE ’82; President of Webcast Technologies​
  2. Luis “Chito” Calingo, IE ’77; President of Holy Angel University​
  3. Salvador Antonio “Aboy” Castro, Jr., ChE ’92; President of CleanTech Global Renewables​
  4. Myrna de la Paz, ChE ’74; co-owner (with husband Tony) of RMR Electronics and several companies​
  5. Rhodora “Rhod” Gonzalez, GE ’80; UP GE Professor​
  6. Edgardo “Jon” Kasilag II, CE ’94; past President of AMH Philippines​
  7. Elmer “Jojo” Malolos, CE ’84; President of JG Summit Digitals​
  8. Rafael Nestor “Chicho” Mantaring, EE ’77; EEEI Professorial Lecturer​
  9. Robert “Bong” Minguez II, ECE  ’01; President of eSilicontech Design Corporation​
  10. Patrick “Ricky” Peña, IE ’86; General Manager of PT&T; president of UPIEAA​
  11. Pedro “Pete” Remoto, EM ’87; VP/Resident Manager of Filminera Mining Resources​


  1. Jose “Joe” Albano, ME ’67; Professional Fire Protection Engineer based in California​
  2. Renato “Rene” Bello, IE ’75; retired Semiconductors Manufacturing executive based in California USA​
  3. Lorna Llave-Yson, ChE ’66; Retired IT professional based in California ​
  4. Rowena “Winnie” Torres-Ordonez, ChE ’78; just retired from British Petroleum Research Center based in Chicago​
  5. Olegario “Jun” Villoria, Jr., IE ’79; Transport and Logistics Consultant based in Virginia USA


College Situationer

Dean Manegdeg cited that our College is celebrating its 110th year on June 13. With the COVID-19 situation, UP is reconfiguring the school year schedule and the instructional format. The AY 2020-21 will start on September 10, with a mix of online and classroom meetings. The traditional College Recognition Rites in the end of June will not be held. Graduation requirements of slated June 2020 graduates are extended to May 2021, but they will be on record as 2020 graduates. 

With online courses, Dean cited the need to have laptops available for lending to about 1,800 and staff, out of 5,000 Engg students.

Some of the projects that were mounted in response to the Covid pandemic are ready for commercialization. Some of these were funded from the fund-raising that UPERDFI mounted. To have a lasting impact on society, clarity needs to be made with UP to understand IP rights and patents before serious discussions with investors/manufacturers can be started.


Parting Notes from Outgoing President Rico Trinidad

His message above summarizes the notable activities we undertook under his leadership. 


Energy System Modelling Project in Completion Phase

On June 11, the Technical Advisory Panel held its 5th meeting to discuss the results generated by the project team led by Dr. Michael Pedrasa, formerly the Program Coordinator of the UP Energy Engineering Program and now EEEI Director. The TAP expressed thanks to the project Team for its painstaking and conscientious efforts for the past ten months. Thanks also to our Trustee Roger Buendia, who was our Project Manager. With final adjustments in the assumptions, the final report will be shared with target audiences, such as the Department of Energy and industry players. The TAP convenor is our former chairman Pete Maniego.

We express our thanks to the members of the TAP: UPERDFI members Cesar Buenaventura, Jerome Cainglet, Pete Maniego, Rene Sunico and Sonny Viray, and Joe Cruz, Wali del Mundo, Viking Logarta and Baste Quniones, Two others passed away and could not see the completion of the project: former UPERDFI Chairman Chito Francisco (died December 2019) and Obet Verzola (April 2020). May their souls rest in peace.


Thanks to Outgoing Trustees

The General Membership gave words of gratitude to Trustees who served their 3-year terms;

  • Roger Buendia, who headed the Innovation Committee for three years
  • Bing del Rosario, who served as CorpSec in 2018-19, and then VP in 2019-20
  • Ronnie Nolasco, who was CorSec in 2019-20, headed the Membership Committee and was actively involved with the Finance Committee also
  • Dan Peckley, who was a member of the Innovation Committee

In addition, Rico Trinidad was recognized for his active role in the past two years, as VP and then President. He opted to resign as a Trustee with one year left in his term.


Election of Trustees

The Members elected the following to serve as Trustees:

  • Michael Gonzalez (CE ’85), 
  • Rafael “Chicho” Mantaring (EE ’78), 
  • Robert “Bong” Minguez II (ECE ’01), 
  • US-based Victor Villagracia (ME ’75), and 
  • Valentin Reyes (IE ’71); he was elected to serve the remaining year of Rico’s term.

They join continuing trustees: Ega Atanacio, Dante Briones, Elmir de la Cruz, Ferdz de la Cruz, Joe Florendo, Gev Guevara, Ferdie Manegdeg, Carl Odulio, Wash Roqueza and Alex Sy. 

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