Rannie Ison, CE ’89, the incumbent president of the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippine ASEP), established the Engr. Ronaldo S. Ison Professorial Chair in Structural Engineering as a silent highlight of the Dr. Salvador F. Reyes Lecture. Introduced to UPERDFI by our member Raymund Alberto last March, the opportune moment to seal the deal came up during the Webinar! With his wife, Arch. Christine Ison, Rannie founded and serves as the principal engineer of  R.S. Ison and Associates, Consulting Engineers.

The Dr. Salvador Reyes and the Engr. Ronaldo Ison Chairs bring the number of established chairs administered by UPERDFI to 202. There are 13 chairs for Engineering being administered by the UP Foundation. Not all are available though, as several chairs are not adequately funded, or their committed 5-year or 6-year periods have expired. Discussions with donors are ongoing.

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