The Membership Committee invited 11 alumni for membership and proposed the nomination of long-serving Trustee Roger Murga and former Dean Sonny Viray to the Council of Advisers. The Board ratified this on October 14, bringing our membership to 191 and CoA to 15.

To the Council of Advisers:

  1. Mr. Rogelio “Roger” Murga
  2. Dr. Francisco “Sonny”Viray

As Members:

  1. Dr. Alexis Philip Acacio, CE ‘85
  2. Engr. Denis T. Carpio, ChE 65
  3. Engr. Roberto Ben “Bobbit” Castro, EM ‘14
  4. Engr. Ronaldo “Rannie” Ison, CE ‘89
  5. Engr. Ramon L. Jocson, IE ‘82
  6. Engr. Augusto “Gus” Lagman, ME ‘61
  7. Engr. Roy Anthony Luna, CE ‘95
  8. Engr. Jose Edgar “Ed” Manrique, IE ‘69
  9. Dr. Joel Marciano. Jr., EE ‘94
  10. Engr. Francis Joseph “Kiko” Serina, CoE ‘08
  11. Engr. Elzar “Dodjie” Simon , IE ‘85

The membership of Dr. Lisa Grace Bersales, ex-officio Trustee (representing UP) was formalized in accordance with Membership Rules.

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