Last October 19, our Innovation Committee leads Chicho Mantaring and Val Reyes organized a discussion workshop with the College Academic Personnel group. Dean Ferdie Manegdeg led the 19-person UPCOE discussants, comprising Associate Deans, Institute Directors and  Department Chairmen. President Ferdz de la Cruz also took part.

With Val Reyes deftly facilitating, the dialogue aimed to understand the barriers that impede the results of UPCOE R&D projects to impact society, and to formulate going-forward actions including how best UPERDFI can help.

The overriding agreement for R&D work was to help improve the country through technology. However, the major barrier cited was an inadequate innovation ecosystem. This disables professors to have the time and the implementing infrastructure to push their research results closer to societal impact or commercial success. Many discussants compared their experiences when they pursued their advanced degrees in universities abroad. There, professors could be given the leeway to devote all their time and energy to carry out pure R&D work without being tasked to handle teaching courses or do administrative work.

Subsequent dialogues are planned to agree on moving-forward initiatives.

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