Established in 1931, EEI Corporation’s collaborative relationship with the UP College of Engineering started in the 1990s, when our Adviser, Roger Murga, was the president. The company hosts student interns and supports projects. Roberto Jose Castillo is the current president, backed up by two EVPs: Norman Macapagal (IE ’76) and Lito Bermudo (ME ’79). Our adviser Cesar Virata is the Vice Chairman of the Yuchengco Group, the majority owners of EEI.

Says Norman:

 We are in the path of typhoons which are becoming more frequent and stronger. And the indications are the situation may get worse in the future given that oceans are warming, as our recent experience in the past two weeks. The response has been to build evacuation shelters used during typhoons, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. But we must also embark on engineering bold and long-term solutions to contain and make use of the heavy rainfall and prevent flooding. Can we build huge water reservoirs in Bulacan and Pampanga which can act as a water storage during typhoon season? Then during dry summer months, pump the water to irrigate rice fields? In the parts of the country that experience severe flooding what can be a permanent solution? In the typhoon-path regions, how do we help inhabitants there to build safer homes?
Adds Lito:
As the pre-eminent infrastructure constructor in the country, and with worker safety being of prime concern, EEI must  move on and deliver on our commitments. With the extended lockdown, the company has quickly adopted technology-based measures that enable us to meet quality, time and cost targets. Like: using drones for field surveys and inspections; equipping worksite foremen with body cameras that enables remote field instruction, monitoring and reporting, plus fully-compliant on-site barracks and testing for workers. Work-from-home arrangements are set up wherever feasible. The past 8 months have demonstrated that the lockdown is not a hindrance to performance!

Fabrication of steel girders is done in EEI’s Batangas Yard, which caters to global clients. The photo below shows actual work on the Skyway Project and remote work technologies adopted by EEI.

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