The Trustees, Advisers, Officers and Members convened for the regular BOT Meeting on November 18, via Zoom. The body discussed the status of the ongoing projects of UPERDFI and the updates from the committees.

Chairman Alex Sy thanked our Trustees, Advisers and Members for having put extra effort in making the locked-down times even more productive than before, with major projects mounted and supported. And enjoined everyone to keep on pushing, as the pandemic seems to linger longer.

ED Tito Aliga shared that there are 146 professorial chairs for AY 2020-21, 138 of which are through UPERDFI, 6 from UP Foundation, and 2 from the UP Diliman. The Teaching and Research Awards for those faculty who are not eligible for chair awards increased from 25 to 32 this year. He also informed the Board that the release of the ES 101 Book Project led by author, our member CE Professor Benny Pacheco, has been moved to July 2021.

President Ferdz dela Cruz updated the board on the plans to set up governance policies for the High Performance Computing Project. UPERDFI will set a meeting with the MVP Group to fine-tune the technical aspects of the HPC. VP Dante Briones presented the four main projects for the digital transformation of UPERDFI – 1) back office system upgrade; 2) membership database; 3) document management system; and 4) website revamp.

The reports on the ESM Project, UPCOE Faculty Dialogue, and Committee Updates will be featured in this bulletin.

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