The Membership Committee, headed by VP Dante Briones and MemComm members Bing del Rosario, Ronnie Nolasco and Tito Aliga, invited 16 alumni for UPERDFI membership. The 14 below accepted, bringing our roster to 206. Let’s welcome them!

  1. Jose “Joe” B. Cruz, Jr.; EE ’53. PhD in EE, Professor Emeritus of three US universities and currently advising some Philippine universities.
  2. Anita ”Annette” A. Alcasabas, ChE ’64 . ChE Alumni Network
  3. Pedrito “Pete” T. Dy, ME ’68 . Based in New York; retired Citibank IT professional
  4. Graciano “Bobby” M. Calanog, Jr. EM 77 ; Mining and Energy Consultant
  5. Renato “Äto” M. Jiao , ME ’78 . Vice President of Globe
  6. Alex D. Ibasco, EE ’79 . Director, All Card Services; Retired SMART Chief Innovation Officer and Voyager Technology Consultant
  7. Angel “Babby” A. Z. Reyes, ME ’81 , Based in Tokyo, practising ME with Tokyu Engineering & Construction  Co.
  8. Enrico “Rico”A. Ibana, IE ’82; CEO of own IT company; key role in setting up UPERDFI Document Management System
  9. Renato ”Rene” C. Garcia, CE ’84, Archi ‘82. Based in Hongkong, faculty at the University of Hongkong Dept of Architecture
  10. Vladimir “Vlad” Y. Co, EE ’86. Operations and Technology Executive of Manly Plastics
  11. Maria Antonia “Tonette” N. Tanchuling, CE ’88 ; UPD Institute of Civil Engineering Director
  12. Josephine “Jo” B. Santiago Bond, ECE ’01. Based in Florida, Senior position at NASA
  13. Vernon R. Aliga, ME ’04 , Based in Atlanta, Senior Manager with Deloitte’s Consulting
  14. Milbert M. Capistrano, EM ’16 ; Mining Engineer and Quarry Operations Head of B L Gozon Co. Inc.
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