From the 30 projects from all the two Institutes and six Departments, 10 finalists were selected by the Undergraduate Project Competition Committee led by Prof. Gerald Denoga. These were included in the final judging held online on July 14. The judges were medical doctor Dr. Beatrice Ang, former UP Professor Dr. Alex Paran, and Energy Engineering Adjunct Prof. Roger Buendia.

Dr. Francis Chua provided the award funding. For the two categories, each finalist team was awarded P10,000, the Second Place Team received an additional P20,000 and the First Place Team an additional P40,000.

Judge Roger Buendia, who is in the leadership team of UPSCALE, encouraged all the finalists to get in touch with UPSCALE where they can be guided towards further developing their ideas toward market presence.

Sabrina Nicole T. Blanco, Hazel Angelica J. Go, and Patricia Ysabel N. Joson (DChE)
Adviser: Arthur Gonzales III
A comprehensive chemical database of Philippine plants for molecular modeling applications 
Ma. Lorena Isabel C. Miranda, Mich-Adrian D. Gomeceria (DChE)
Adviser: Jem Valerie Perez
Fabrication of Paper-based Silver Nanoparticle (AgNP) Sensors for Smartphone-based Colorimetric Detection of Cu (II) in Water 
Daniella Marie B. Gatus and Margaret Ellen G. Ang (DMMME)
Adviser: Richard DV. Espiritu
A Molecular Dynamics Study on the Hydrophysical Properties and Ionic Conductivity of Cellulose Acetate-based Anion Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications 
Arizeo C. Salac and Ralph Justine H. Baguinon (DChE)
Adviser: Jhud Mikhail Aberilla
Sustainability Assessment of Renewable Desalination in Remote Islands in the Philippines 
Karina Kylle L. Ang and Jimuel  N. Celeste Jr. (DCS)
Adviser: Vena Pearl Bongolan
COVID-19 Agent-Based Model: An Epidemiologic Simulator Applied in Vaccination Scenarios for Quezon City, Philippines 
Fulin Li and Kim M. Bautista (DME)
Adviser: Joseph Gerard Reyes
Development of a Compact Separator and Counter 
Daphne Karen P. Arenas, Marinelle F. Bagayan, John Kervin M. Coronado, and Merk Jhunel C. Quilit (DChE)
Adviser: Jhud Mikhail Aberilla
DAMMO: Co-production of Bioammonia and Hydrogen from Napier Grass 
Glorie Mae M. Mabanta and Stephen John A. Destura (EEEI)
Advisers: Jhoanna Rhodette Pedrasa and John Audie Cabrera
Wireless Sensor Networks for Telerehabilitation of Parkinson’s Disease using Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation
Ken Harvey B. de la Cruz (EEEI)
Advisers: Jhoanna Rhodette Pedrasa and John Audie Cabrera
Smart Implementation of Alternate Wetting and Drying Using Wireless Sensor System 
Isidro Luis B. Borromeo (DMMME)
Advisers: Jason Pechardo and Athena Charanne Presto
Development of a Portable Kubeta for Disaster Evacuation Centers in the Philippines

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