The UPERDFI Management Committee met on July 21 to set the priorities for each committee for the term.

Innovation (Chicho Mantaring)

  • One UPCoE project on the way to commercialization
  • Collaboration with at least one donor in support of UPSCALE initiatives
  • Series of forums with UPCOE that encourages innovation in emerging areas of opportunity

Resource Generation (Michael Gonzalez)

  • Complete HPC Funding
  • Secure PCA Funding
  • Search for a New Source of Funds

Audit and Governance Committee (Elise del Rosario)

  • Implement Project Governance
  • Craft 5 New Policies
  • Update Organizational Manual

Finance (Ega Atanacio)

  • Improve Fund Management
  • Strengthen monitoring of investments against benchmarks and indicators
  • Timely investment of investible funds (in excess of requirements)
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