Dr. Luis Pascual, who is retired and based in Los Angeles CA, gave a summary of his lifelong pursuit for ST&SD as a framework for identifying problems and finding optimum solutions using a holistic approach. He has published a book, “What Goes Around Comes Around”.

Dr. Pascual, ME ‘60, started as an ME Instructor, then completed his MS Systems Engineering and PhD in Management Science at the Northwestern University in Illinois. Upon his return, he taught IE/OR subjects and was the founding chairman of DIEOR in 1972. He is also one of the 12 founding incorporators of the UPERDFI, being the Corporate Secretary with Dean Alfredo Juinio as President. Of the 12, he and Dr. Jimmy Laya, former BA Dean and Budget Minister, are the only surviving incorporators.

He set up the Dr. Luis J. Pascual Professorial Chair in Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in 2016, complete with a licensed ST/SD software, and gives a lecture at DIEOR in his visits here.

In the attached material, the illustrative examples are excellent, enabling learners to see the need for systems thinking and testing solutions based on system dynamics.

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