UPERDFI congratulates the UP College of Engineering headed by Dean Ferdinand Manegdeg and the respective department chairs and institute directors for successfully completing the 2021 Professorial Chair Award Colloquium Series, which started on September 27 and ended on October 29. The colloquiums showcased the engineering research outputs of the UPCOE faculty in the Departments of Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Geodetic Engineering,  Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, Mechanical Engineering, and the Mining, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering as well as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and the Institute of Civil Engineering.

There are 129 PCAs in Engineering that have been awarded by UPERDFI, and 3 from the UP Foundation. UPERDFI continuously raises professorial chair awards to incentivize faculty members to pursue engineering research not only for the expansion of knowledge but also for the betterment of society.