First and foremost, thank you to the Board for trusting me to lead UPERDFI until May next year. Thanks too to the officers and committee heads for committing their support in achieving the Foundation’s aspirations.

I have no intention of pivoting from the direction set last year under the presidency of Val Reyes. We will continue to GO, GROW and GLOW. GO in resource generation, execution of projects, streamlining processes, and improving our back room. GROW in increasing membership involvement and growing our assets. GLOW in producing an enhanced UPERDFI brand that will further attract donors and give prestige to members. We will execute on the strategic objectives formulated during the recently conducted strategic planning sessions. We will not achieve however without the usual generosity and support of the membership. Help us please!

Revitalizing for Our Next 50 Years

This year is memorable as the Foundation celebrates its Golden Anniversary. We have come a long way from our modest beginnings in August 1972. We wish to make a larger impact on society as we move into our next 50 years. We are challenged however when it comes to finances. Our main source of operating funds is the interest earned by our endowments. Unfortunately, most of our professorial chair awards are no longer supported by endowments. This has created a strain in our operations and has prevented us from doing more.

We are embarking on a major campaign to raise funds that will allow us to orchestrate projects with societal impact. It will also allow us to operate more effectively as a foundation.

Golden Jubilee Celebration Fund Drive

Finally, we are in need of funds to support our Golden Jubilee activities – the production of a precious Coffee Table Book and the holding of an appropriate Golden Jubilee Event. Thank you to our early donors, as we also thank in advance all those who will chip in to make our celebration a memorable one! 

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