With the end of our organization year on May 31, incumbent Trustee Alex Ibasco tendered his resignation after serving the first year of his 3-year term, citing health reasons. Alex had been active in the Innovation Committee, HPC Project and the Strategic Planning activities. We thank Alex for offering to contribute on a laid-back basis to our initiatives. 

To serve as Trustee for a one-year appointment (until May 2023) by the Board is Jose Jerome “Jeng” Pascual III who has been active in our Golden Anniversary Book Project. We thank Jeng for accepting the appointment.

We present our Leadership Team for 2022-23 as we work with them in undertaking our numerous initiatives.

We ask our Members to share their time and talent by volunteering to be in the working committees. Please email your preference to info@uperdfi.org, whereupon we will forward your interest to the appropriate Committee Chairman.

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