The UP Alumni Association in British Columbia started with 2 scholars in AY 2021-22 and increased its support with four additional scholars this AY 2022-23. On December 1, UPAABC vice president Jasper Mallonga (ME Class 2017) had a meet-and-greet session with the scholars at Melchor Hall. Dean Tonette Tanchuling and AD Kate Tungpalan hosted the merienda. UPERDFI ED Tito Aliga also attended.

UPERDFI had also introduced UPAABC to the UPD College of Architecture, from which a slot was also opened. Unlike other UP Alumni organizations where the chapter raises funds and makes the donation as a chapter effort, UPAABC asks its individual members to choose applicants, for which the member will have a direct personal link to the scholar. Thanks to the active encouragement of UPAABC President Anita Aytona, the three donors for AY 2022-23 are Evelyn Mayuga (UP Manila), Vicente Ingco (GE ‘57), Vicki Rubio-Buechler (CE ‘94) and Atty. Melissa Briones (UP Law).

L-R COE Dean Tonette Tanchuling hands over the UPERDFI Golden Jubilee Book to UPAABC Member Jasper Mallonga. They are flanked by ED Tito Aliga, AD Kate Tungpalan and the UPAABC Scholars.
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