Longridge Construction, Inc., through President Benedict T. Laogan (BS CE ’94, mcl), elevated its support to UPCOE by donating to the equipping of the UP Institute of Civil Engineering (UP ICE) Fire Lab, establishing the Longridge Construction, Inc. Professorial Chair in Civil Engineering, and awarding ten (10) thesis support grants to CE seniors.

(L-R) Longridge CE Carrie Terrado, President Benedict Laogan, UPERDFI ED Tito Aliga and UPICE Prof. Nathaniel Diola

Benedict has been actively providing UP ICE with technical expertise on its various construction projects in coordination with his classmate, UP ICE Prof. Nathaniel Diola. The Longridge Construction, Inc. PC is the seventh chair established in 2018, to be made available in AY 2019-2020.