UPNEC held a ConNECt Talk, entitled “Doing Our Part: A Forum on Minimizing Marine Plastics” on June 7 at the NEC AVR. The forum engaged resource persons to talk about the issue and what we can do to mitigate the ill effects of marine plastics. World Bank Sr. Environmental Engineer and UPERDFI Member Gerry Parco listed down concrete actions that address ocean health. He was joined in the panel by Dr. Lennie Santos-Borja of the Laguna Lake Development Authority and Dr. Maria Antonia Tanchuling of the UP ICE. UPERDFI President Rico Trinidad and ED Tito Aliga also attended the forum.

UPERDFI President Rico Trinidad introduces the Foundation to the ConNECt Talk participants

UPNEC ConNECt Talks aim to showcase scientific projects, research works, and accomplishments in the field of engineering. The forum also aims to raise awareness of the value of engineering and science and their critical roles in improving the quality of life of ordinary people. ConNECt Talks use the presentation format of TED-type talk that is short, concise and idea-focused, provokes conversations that matter, and fosters learning, inspiration, and wonder.

UPNEC partners with several organizations such as the UPERDFI and the constituent centers in organizing the ConNECt Talks.

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