True to our mission of “bridging industry and the academe”, UPERDFI works to move R&D projects towards commercial exposure and social relevance. President Ferdz de la Cruz organized a meeting with Mega Sardines President and CEO William Tiu Lim and key managers in the company with FISH-I proponent Dr. Prospero Naval, Jr. of the Department of Computer Science on August 14.

Dr. Naval presented the capability of FISH-I, a cost-effective and efficient method of performing fish census using a camera and a fish video software. (See photo of interface on the right) It generates data on species count, biomass, and fish size and population. Mega Sardines also discussed opportunities where UP Engineering resources can help, such as for operational issues.

FISH-I is one of the five potential Philippine unicorns that former president Chato Calderon and Dean Babylin de Leon presented during the US Roadshow in 2018.

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