In the special Webinar co-organized by the Philippine Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (PSSMGE) and the UP Institute of Civil Engineering on September 10, the organization announced the establishment of the  Dr. Salvador F. Reyes Professorial Chair in Geotechnical Engineering! 

The event celebrated the 90th birthday of Doc Nony, our longtime UPERDFI member. He belongs to the CE Class of 1953, and was with the CE faculty until he retired. His indelible mark in the professional field continues to be cited by practitioners, with his simple and cost-effective design concepts bolstered by on-site soil samples that he personally digs up! UPERDFI members Brian Tan (CE ’01, ANTA Construction) and Mark Morales (CE ’02, PGA Tech Group), part of the young crop of geotech engineers, lauded Doc Nony for his continuing influence in the practice of geotechnical engineering.

The three technical speakers were Doc Nony’s students who have established their own academic and professional practices: Dr. Marolo Alfaro, CE ’78, who teaches at the University of Manitoba in Canada; Dr. Rolando Orense, CE ’85, at the University of Auckland in New Zealand; and Dr. Mark Zarco, CE ’85, the head of the ICE Geotech Engineering Group. 

Supporting the PSSMGE (led by Engr. Roy Luna and ICE Professor Dr Alexis Acacio) and UP ICE, the co-presenters of the webinar included the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP), the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE), and the Council of Engineering Consultants of the Philippines (CECOPHIL).

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