Innovation Committee Chairman Chicho Mantaring, Pres Ferdz de la Cruz and ED Tito Aliga discussed going-forward ideas with newly-returning PhDs from the Dept of Chemical Engineering. In the September 25 meeting, Dr. Bryan Alamani, Dr. Jhud Aberilla, Dr. Karl Pilario and Dr. Ramuel Tamargo talked about how they intend to advance efforts in their respective fields of interest, closer to industry and market presence. (View theĀ DChE Lab TechSheets)

On October 8, Innovation Committee met with the fifth of the five blockbuster projects identified in 2018. Chicho led the discussion with DGE – Training Center for Applied Geodesy and Photogrammetry Director Prof Louie Balicanta regarding how best UPERDFI can assist the DREAM-Lidar Commercial Services in progressing its business.

Previous discussions with the other four projects were held in August to September: (1) the FISH-I Project; (2) Village-Based Telecommunications Station Project; (3) VISSER Science Lab; and (4) Smart Surface. Each venture has unique challenges for which our Innovation Committee will need to craft specific approaches.

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