Implementing a February Board instruction, we are undergoing a Policy Review, led by Trustee Val Reyes as Leader. The Policy Review Ad Hoc Team (PRAT) met on April 9 to discuss progress and to take up first-pass review results.

R&D Policy
Trustee Glen Tabios as lead reviewer proposed to strengthen current policies by proposing criteria based on the R&D Agenda of the Government (DOST). The  key research areas targeted include food security, health, environment, disaster management, energy, etc.
Faculty Development Policy 
As lead reviewer, Dean Ferdie Manegdeg, assisted by Prof. Bert Amorsolo, proposed to beef up the research thrusts of professorial chairs. They cited that this is stressed in the approved Professorial Chair and Teaching/Research Award Guidelines, and adopted by the College. Suggested policy improvements include increasing the chair award amounts based on the research subject and scope, as specified by the donors. UPERDFI could also undertake the funding where needed. The relationship between chairs and Commissioned Research will be refined.
Investment Policy
Lead reviewer Riza Mantaring commented that the policies in place are sound. Refinements were needed in the implementation thereof, which were subsequently discussed with the Finance Committee (as implementers) on April 15. In this meeting, plans were fine-tuned to enable the review of our investment arrangements with five groups who are now administering our investing efforts.
Project Governance Policy 
Although not in the identified PRAT Priority Scope, Audit and Governance Committee Chairman Wash Roqueza and Member Elise del Rosario volunteered to craft the Project Governance policy. This is an urgent issue as we embark on big-ticket projects, like the High Performance Computing (HPC) Facility. We must put in place workable policies and guidelines and processes that ensure delivery of planned results on time and on budget. and accountability for what we commit to our donors.

Fundraising Policy

Lead reviewer Sec. Babes Singson prepared a draft of the Fundraising P&G, which built up from our current policies. The major addition is the need to tap funds from government agencies, Congress and LGUs for funding for major projects. So far, we have not taken initiatives to explore these funding sources, as we have been focused on our networks of members, alumni and corporate contacts. The revised policy will open the doors for other resource networks.

In the PRAT Meeting, it was agreed that the other subject areas that were not identified as Top Priorities (as cited above) will have to be addressed. Val is asking members to volunteer as reviewers, on the following subjects:

  • Student Development
  • Research and Instructional Facilities
  • Membership
  • Institutional Networks
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