Our Management Committee held two meetings on March 17 and April 14 to discuss updates and ways forward on the various projects and committee initiatives of the foundation. We are excited to share with you the key items below:
HPC Project
Led by President Ferdz de la Cruz, we are currently firming up the project scope, fundraising and operational set-up. We will establish a project governance structure to ensure adequate preparation for sustainable operations, delivery of desired outcomes and ultimately, accountability to donors. Details are being worked out with the UP College of Engineering project team.
Audit and Governance Committee
Chairman Wash Roqueza’s team has addressed most of the items for improvement in the previous management letter of the external auditor through digitalization efforts and liquidation of outstanding balances. Thanks to the selfless efforts of our Accountant Nelly Manalo, we were able to complete the requirements of our independent auditors, thus meeting the April 15 deadline for electronic submission of 2020 Income Tax Returns.
Finance Committee
Our Treasurer Ega Atanacio convened the members of the Committee to discuss the results of the Investment Policy Review, carried out by Riza Mantaring. An action plan will be set in motion to implement the agreed steps. (See related discussion below.)
Resource Generation Committee
Ferdz’ team has come up with a product featuring a concept where the donation is backed up by an insurance feature. The idea will be tested with some members before a planned roll-out. A roll-out on Willed Donations will also be laid out for US donors. Efforts in raising funds for the HPC Project continue, with potential donors, individuals and corporates, being approached.
Membership Committee
Dante Briones’ group is developing schemes to excite our 206 members and engage them in planning and implementing our foundation’s initiatives. There were 59 members who responded to the Expertise Inventory Survey last February, providing a rich source of insights. Members who have not responded are asked to fill out the survey form.
Innovation Committee
Led by Chicho Mantaring and ably assisted by Val Reyes, the Committee is in full blast implementing the Innovation Model approved by the Board last February. The committee has mobilized an Expert Panel to shortlist candidate projects from the list provided by UPSCALE and UPD TTBDO. Based on the criteria, one or two projects will be selected to undergo the next steps of the Innovation Model. The target is to have the results reported in the May 2021 General Membership Meeting.
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