The Policy Review Ad Hoc Team, led by Trustee Val Reyes, met online on May 7 to finalize the policies based on the comments from the April 9 meeting (and April 20 for the Fundraising Policy). Five policies were presented and discussed – 1) Fundraising, 2) Investments, 3) Project Governance, 4) Professorial Chairs, and 5) Research and Development.

The Fundraising policy drafted by former DPWH Sec. Babes Singson formalized the resource generation process, from requisition to receiving of donations. Drawing from his experience working in the public sector, he also shared insights on how UPERDFI can access public funds for the benefit of the College. He presented the initial draft on April 20 and refined the policy for the May 7 meeting.

Former SunLife CEO Riza Mantaring drafted the Investment policy, which is aimed at meeting the financial needs of the Foundation through a conservative investment stance. Riza commented that the present policies are sound and added other guidelines for implementation. The Finance Committee will further study the recommendations cited.

Elise del Rosario, a member of our Audit and Governance Committee lent her expertise (at the request of A&G Comm chairman Wash Roqueza) in crafting the Project Governance Policy to ensure that the initiatives that the Foundation supports are executed according to specific objectives and within the agreed timeframe and budget. This is a new policy area, as the Board has felt the urgent need to more effectively big-ticket projects with comprehensive management.

Dean Ferdie Manegdeg brought in Prof. Bert Amorsolo, the UPCOE lead on this subject matter, to present the policy on Professorial Chairs and Faculty Development. The existing policy on chairs remains, which aims to incentivize faculty to excel in teaching and R&D. The UPCOE guidelines that are drawn from relevant UP rules are being strengthened. Note that UPERDFI is primarily involved in the chair solicitation and award disbursement based on UPCOE requests.

Trustee Prof. Glen Tabios drafted the R&D Policy for UPERDFI. He recommended supporting research on emerging fields and priority areas aligned with the DOST Agenda. Sec. Boy de la Peña advocated supporting young faculty members and new graduates who undertake research projects with close-to-market potentials, where benefits to society can be reaped in a reasonably shorter timeframe. He also emphasized the need for UPCOE to contribute to policy research, which UPERDFI can support.

The review results of the first three items will be discussed by the Board and adopted as approved.

We thank our policy review leaders, as well as UPERDFI Advisers DOST Secretary Boy de la Peña, Chato Calderon, and Sonny Viray, for sharing their valuable insights to improve our accountability to our donors, to reach desired objectives, and to expand our support to the College.

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