In a zoom meeting hosted by Dean Ferdie Manegdeg on June 4, CleanTech Global Renewables President Salvador Antonio “Aboy” Castro, Jr.,ChE ’92, signified the company’s desire to enhance its participation in the various efforts of the College. CleanTech is in the business of renewable energy, with solar and wind farms. It established the CleanTech Professorial Chair in Renewable Energy in 2019. New possibilities include internships and commissioned research.

Aside from Dean Ferdie, Associate Deans Jun Ballesteros and Eden de la Peña, College Secretary Eligia Clemente, Energy Engineering Program Coordinator Butch Cervera, EEEI Director Mike Pedrasa and UPNEC Deputy Executive Director Ariel Blanco joined. Roger Buendia, the Chairman of the UPCOE Projects Committee, and ED Tito Aliga, also attended.

Note that Aboy coached UP Basketball Varsity for some time, and also coached a PBA Team.

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