Our hardworking Dean works on a Sunday! On June 6, he hosted several members of his cohort ME classes (he is ME ’79) who wanted to reinvest in UPCOE. Convened by Jomie Francisco, the group included Rosen Sanchez, Tophie Barrameda, Benjie Lava, Mon del Rosario and Bobby Angangco. Others included Roger Buendia, AD Juvy Balbarona, ME Dept Chairman Gab Mercado, and ED Tito Aliga.
After the Dean’s presentation of the College Situationer, the group is thinking of pooling their contemporaries to establish a Professorial Chair in Mechanical Engineering! Dean requested the group to have this ready for the 2021-22 cycle.

Jomie is the President of Wire Rope Phils; Tophie is the founder and runs Abba’s Orchard, a private school in Cagayan de Oro; Benjie immerses in construction materials and in high-tech farming; Rosen does air-conditioning systems design and reengineering; Mon is with Amber Technologies and Bobby does consulting work and is with ARMSCOR. He is also the Chairman of the College’s Resource Generation Committee. (Roger heads the Projects Committee.)

Breaking News!!! Two Professorial Chairs and several Teaching and Research Awards are being firmed up!

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