To firm up the High Performance Computing Facility Project, we have mobilized our resources to put in place our Project Governance Process, in accordance with Project Governance Policies and Guidelines.

UPERDFI, UPCOE and ePLDT Services officials met on June 11 to discuss four hosting options and undertake a rigorous analytical procedure in selecting the optimal choice. This combines the efforts of the UPCOE (Dean Ferdie and AD Happy Denoga), UPERDFI (Val Reyes, Chicho Mantaring, Michael Gonzalez, Elise del Rosario and Ferdz de la Cruz), and the ePLDT Services Corp as a possible host. A Technical Working Group meeting (Happy Denoga and the ePLDT team) was held on June 15 to finetune the details.

The four options are:

  1. Cloud-based computing services, payments of which are on a usage basis, which some UPCOE researchers currently avail of;
  1. The Data Center providing UPCOE with dedicated equipment and block time, charging UPCOE with set-up costs and monthly billings;
  1. UPERDFI procures the 1,120 cores, locates them in the Data Center, and pays for space rental, maintenance, and utilities; and
  1. The facility is built in UPCOE premises, run by UPCOE staff, much like our computational laboratories.

At the same time, we are organizing the various roles and responsibilities to implement our Project Governance structure.

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