The UPERDFI Membership Committee headed by Dante Briones, carried out the nomination and invitation of 10 new members, to be formally welcomed by the Board at the February 16 Board meeting. The new members include ex-officio Trustee, 2022 UPAE President Patrick Anthony D. Pascual. The following members bring the membership roster to 213:

  1. Ramon ”Mon” de Leon, IE ’74
  2. Lorenzo “Ämboy” Formoso III, AB Philo ’84
  3. Geraldo “Gerald” Iglesia, CE ’82
  4. Benjamin “Benjie” R. Lava, ME ’80
  5. Enrico “Eric” Paringit, GE ’97
  6. Patrick Anthony ”Anton” D. Pascual, CE ‘88
  7. Antonio “Tonet” L. Rivera, IE ’79
  8. Hector “Butch” Rivera III, ChE ’86
  9. Gilbert Sta. Maria, EE ’87
  10. Mamerto “Mert” Tangonan, CE ’84
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