Reviving a lead that came up as a result of our first Technology Hour in July 2019, UPERDFI, with the assistance of UPSCALE, UP Institute of Civil Engineering, and UP NEC Building Research Service, discussed going-forward details for a research project for an “affordable, easy-to-assemble/transport modular housing kit/system catering to the needs of Filipinos”. 
The zoom meeting on August 15 included the proponent, Urban Eco-Development Corporation, with its CEO Edwin Roceles, leading the charge. He invited representatives of  Modular Building Systems with whom he had worked on previous projects. The meeting agreed on the next steps needed towards the crafting of a Research Project Proposal. The goal is to achieve quality, cost, and time gains using tested approaches such as designs to suit a mass market in non-urban communities (particularly for low and mid-income families), prefabrication of elements, on-site construction techniques (where people in the community can build a unit, bayanihan-style), and other innovations. 
UPERDFI is looking at this opportunity as another implementation of our industry-centric Commissioned Research approach. 
Aside from Edwin Roceles, attendees included Joshua Orias and Joshua Fernando of Modular Building Systems; UP Engineering research faculty (ICE Director Dr. Tonette Tanchuling, NEC BRS Director Dr. Harold Aquino, DMMME professor Dr. Jong Vazquez); UPSCALE (Director Dr. Louie Sison and leads Dette Leonor, Angie Seiton and Nikko Guiam);  and UPERDFI (Pres Chicho Mantaring and ED Tito Aliga). The next meeting is scheduled within a week, with added research faculty to be invited. UPSCALE is organizing the project.

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