On September 1, faculty members from the Construction Engineering and Management Group (CEMG) of the UP Institute of Civil Engineering met with the prime movers and pillars of the Philippine construction industry to discuss the development of a Master of Engineering program in Construction Engineering and Management. This is meant to be one answer to the seeming talent gap of mid-level managers prevailing in the Construction Industry in the Philippines.

The focus group discussion was hosted by CEMG head Harold Aquino. Joining were UPERDFI members Tito Aliling (Founder and Chairman, Jose Aliling Construction Management, Inc.), Lilit Tumbocon (Managing Director of DATEM and former president of Makati Development Corp.),  Ramon Allado (President of Allado Construction Corp.), Roger Murga (former president of EEI Corporation, and head of the Executive Team for SMC TPLEX Corp.),  Wally Liu (President of the Primary Builders Group of Cebu); and Trustee Michael Gonzalez (ICE Professorial Lecturer)

Dean Tonette Tanchuling, ICE OIC Director Regin Regidor, ICE CEMG Prof. Fer Germar, Asst. Prof Rosabelle Caram, and other CEMG Faculty members were present, with UPERDFI ED Tito Aliga also joining. UP ICE targets to launch the master’s program by the 1st sem of A.Y. 2023-2024.
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