ICE Director Prof Regin Regidor and the ICE Team discussed the details for the construction of the ICE Student Space with alumnus Jason Valderrama, CE 2006, President & CEO of JCV & Associates on December 13 at the ICE Executive Conference Room. This will be a Student Wellbeing Facility, part of the College-wide SWELL Program that started in 2017. SWELL rooms have been set up in Melchor Hall and in the DMMME, DCS, EEEI and DChE Buildings.

Beyond the available fund of P800,000 comprising donations of from Ms. Chelo David, widow of Bong David, CE ’71, andĀ from Chato Calderon, CE ’72, JCVA will add to the project fund.

JCVA was established by Jason in 2016, to take on Project Management, Construction Management and related services. His wife, Pam Valderrama, a UP Econ alumna, is VP for finance and corporate services.  

In addition, discussions went beyond the Student Space to other opportunities where JCVA might invest in, like scholarships, thesis support grants, internships, and course conduct. JCVA is also looking at sending their engineers to the UPNEC Professional Engineering Training and Development (PETD) courses.

L-R: CE Prof Harold Aquino, UPERDFI ED Tito Aliga, Kythe Pusing (HR head of JCVA), Dean Tonette Tanchuling, Pam Valderrama and Jason Valderrama of JCVA, ICE Director Regin Regidor, UPCOE ADSA Prof. Kate Tungpalan, ICE Prof Anjo Victor (ICE Deputy Director for Student and Alumni Affairs) and Prof Maxell Lumbera. Not in picture is ICE Prof Bojie Diola (ICE DD for Infrastructure).
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