The STEALTH Project officially started on September 18, 2023 after the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement by industry partner Craft Research Technologies, Inc. (CRTI), UP Project Team (joint UPCOE DMMME and EEEI), and UPERDFI as fund administrator. CRTI leaders, the UP Project Team, and UPERDFI met on September 22 to unite on moving-forward activities. UPERDFI is grateful to CRTI for collaborating with UP in this R&D effort that will address industry challenges in the renewables sector.

CRTI was led by founder/CEO Ren Tongco, COO Cathy Barradas, and Sr. Researcher Rogie Madula. The combined UP Engineering team is led by Jong Vasquez (DMMME), with faculty member Kath Taaca (DMMME), University Researcher Aldrin Tan (DMMME), Tess de Leon (EEEI, not in the picture), and Renz Pangilinan (EEEI).

The meeting included UPERDFI’s Chicho Mantaring as the Project Representative and Deputy ED Norika Ishikawa.

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