23 trustees, advisers and members held a two-part strategic planning session on February 23 and 26, 2022. The workshop was facilitated by President Val Reyes. The participants formed breakout groups to come up with the top 3 challenges, main problem statement, proposed changes to the current vision/mission and strategic objectives of UPERDFI for the next five years.

As shared in the closing of the Day 2 workshop, an initial follow-up to summarize the outcomes of the workshop, was scheduled on March 15 with 8 volunteer members from  the workshop. The group was able to thresh out proposed revisions to our vision/mission and the top (3)  strategic objectives for the next five years based on the 2-half day workshop sessions.  It was agreed that the next session will take a shot at pinning down the specific action plans for the next 5 years after the final VMOs are routed to the rest of the Board of Trustees and other attendees of the workshop for review and comment.

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