High Performance Computing Project Implementation

The UPERDFI Governance Committee led by Trustee Noly Torres convened the HPC implementation team on April 25. The team discussed the next steps for the smooth and timely delivery of the project. On May 3, the implementation team discussed with ePLDT representatives to iron out the details of the co-location service agreement.

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Adhoc Team led by President Val Reyes convened for the last time on April 29 to complete the proposed 2022 plans and success measures in pursuit of the strategic objectives for 2022-2027. UPERDFI identified three strategic objectives to elevate societal impact: (1) Nurture COE in delivering top-notch engineering resources to society, (2) Orchestrate projects with societal impact and (3) Fully tap the network of members, alumni and partners in support of our initiatives. 

The latter include faculty, student organizations, alumni and other parties who can best deliver or support the success of the identified projects or programs. The Strategic Plan for 2022-2027 and Proposed 2022 action plans will be submitted to the Board for review and approval.

May 2022 Management Committee Meeting

The UPERDFI Management Committee 2021-2022 convened for the last time on May 4, mainly to prepare for the upcoming General Membership Meeting. The committee chairmen and officers discussed the key milestones during the term.

Golden Anniversary Update

Consistent with the UPERDFI’s thrust to spur high-impact engineering R&D for the benefit of society, the Golden Anniversary Celebration is being envisioned as a catalyst to raise funds for research grants. The Fundraising request for a targeted P50M in keeping with each year of the Golden Jubilee has also been prepared, to be submitted to the Board for approval in the May 18 meeting.

The Coffee Table Book Sub-Committee is now in the finishing stages of the manuscript which includes messages from key officials, feature articles, a history of the foundation, and a vision of the future. The material will serve as the primary source of material for the supporting audio-visual presentation to be shown on the Jubilee celebration night.

2021 Annual Report

The UPERDFI 2021 Annual Report, including the Audited Financial Statements, has been completed and is due for release by end of May 2022. 

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