UPCOE Dean Rizalinda de Leon and UPERDFI President Chato Calderon completed the DC Roadshow on October 13 at the beautiful Philippine Embassy Annex in Washington DC. This was made possible by the collaboration of the UP Alumni Association DCMDVA Chapter led by President Sarah Bengzon and the BEFAAA led by Willie Mejia.

Take a look at the snaps from the event!

We thank UPERDFI member Greg Vigilar, UPAA DCMDVA members Jessie Wolgamotti and Maria Garcia for organizing the event. Special thanks to Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez, Vice Consul Darell Ann Artates, Commodore Elson Aguilar, Ms. Lalie Gavino and Ms. Lia Macadangdang of the Philippine Embassy for their support and warm welcome. We are grateful to UPCOE alumna Annie Cayaban Mariano Wilderman (IE) for donating the sumptuous food, including lechon.

Dr. Romel Gomez, a UP alumnus and University of Maryland (UM) Professor and Associate Chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, gave a short presentation. He explained their extensive engineering R&D, corporate sponsored innovation Labs, and R&D commercialization programs at the UM. Many in the audience expressed their support of the UPCOE needs including the funding of Makerspace.

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Message from our Partners:
Yesterday, our local UP Alumni Association, in conjunction with the Beta Epsilon Fraternity Alumni Association in the Americas, was honored to co-host the College of Engineering (COE) Roadshow featuring guest speakers UP COE Dean Babylin de Leon and UPERDFI President Chato Calderon. Two amazing, impressive women engineers!

As someone who works at the intersection of business, technology, and public service, it was wildly inspiring to hear about the College’s technological innovations and game changing ideas to bring them to market. Think ‘LAB TO MARKET’ with the ultimate goal of uplifting the lives of the every day Filipino!

Sarah Bengzon
President, UPAA DCMDVA

On behalf of Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez, I wish to congratulate you on the success of last Saturday’s event. All of us at the Embassy welcomed the opportunity to learn more about UPCOE and UPERDFI, particularly the thrust and initiatives toward technopreneurship.

Please feel free to reach out if any assistance is required from our end. Thank you and look forward to our next collaboration.

Darell Ann Artates
Third Secretary and Vice Consul
Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

I am very honored and pleased for having been involved in coordinating the Search for the 1st UP Unicorn Roadshow event in the Washington DC/MD/VA area. This roadshow event gave me the opportunity to collaborate with fellow UP Alumni in the area, the Philippine Embassy staff as well as my fraternity brothers in the other 3 cities where the event was held.

But more importantly, I had the chance to listen to the presentation of College of Engineering Dean Rizalina “Babylin” de Leon about the status of the endeavors upgrading the facilities and faculty of the college to make it at par with other engineering colleges/ universities in the rest of the world, as well as to Engineer Rosario “Chato” Calderon, President of the UPERDFI focusing on the major initiatives of the Foundation towards bringing the “lab to market and the market to the lab.”

Dean de Leon’s and Engineer Calderon’s presentations definitely provided a healthy dose of hope in the capability of the University of the Philippines, UPERDFI and the country in general to bring about meaningful technological change that will help uplift the lives of our countrymen. I am confident that with the collaboration of different organizations spearheaded by the UPAA chapters in the United States, this initial staging of the roadshow event will provide the much needed impetus in promoting further awareness of the opportunities available in the Philippines for technological advancement.

Wilfredo “Willie” Mejia
President, BEFAAA

It was a great opportunity to meet the University of the Philippines College of Engineering Dean Dr. De Leon, and UPERDFI President Dr. Calderon. I’m glad to hear about the amazing engineering innovations that the college, the foundation and their associates are working on. UPAADCMDVA had the pleasure to organize this event in collaboration with the Beta Epsilon Alumni Association in the Americas.

Jessie Wolgamotti

Take a look at the snaps from the event!

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